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Take charge of your environment and your life with this fourteen day challenge!  You have more power than you may realize in crafting your life, your home, and your relationships, so let's harness that power by following these simple steps one day at a time.

Everything in your house can be a disaster as you begin, so please don't feel overwhelmed by the challenge.  Work these steps day by day, and before you know it, life is going to be a lot more joyful.


 How to:  Begin with Day 1 - Dishes.  Then on Day 2, you will complete the Day 1 task and your new Day 2 task.  Keep adding on the tasks day by day until you have a complete routine for your life.

Be sure to post on social media using the tag #BTB14daystofabulous so we can cheer you on!

Day 1 - Do the dishes

Day 2 - Make the bed

Day 3 - Do the laundry

Day 4 - Get dressed

Day 5 - Swish & Swipe

Day 6 - Weekly Clean

Day 7 - Weekly Plan

Day 8 - 2 Minute hot spot

Day 9 - Declutter

Day 10 - Zone clean

Day 11 - Lunch break

Day 12 - Menu plan

Day 13 - Before bed & bedtime

Day 14 - Take care of yourself

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